All ye who write, and all who wonder -
Seek ye Light from courts above.
A Dove that shakes the earth like thunder
     Will bear it down on wings of love.
See ye with eyes of Grace and Truth:
Write the wind, scribe streams, move mountains.
"Do what ye have seen me do,
     And light will be to thee a fountain."
From whence have we this Living Water?
From Christ, The Lord, who went before;
And all God's precious sons and daughters
     Who spoke this Truth: Go. Do. Be more.
Wise men before us lived in drought;
Tracing shadows in Plato's Cave,
Ignorant to the world without
     Lying amidst their rusty chains. 
The night of darkness now is over!
The seal of Heaven is rent in twain!
The earth is bright from light above her
     As Jacob's Ladder descends again!
Young men shall dream, old men see visions - 
Poets rejoice in light-filled souls.
Thru art, the devils, 'tho in derision
     Will fall to Odes and Oracles.

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