An Evening Prayer

Nightly the veil gets thin by my bedside as humbly I kneel
And feel a burning within – eternal, celestial, and real.
Somewhere a fire’s still burning, barely a light of its own.
Yet inside this spark is a yearning to shine like the Heavenly Throne
Where once as an angel I knelt to pledge my allegiance to serve
My Father when I’d come to earth and leave that great home where I dwelt.

So trading my heavenly wings for a temple of earth, dust, and clay,
I revelled in childish things and joyfully lived out my days.
At some point I stumbled and fell, dimming my flame to a spark,
Tasting for once of that hell that comes to those trapped in the dark:
Beguiled by serpents and sin, salvation just out of their reach,
Weeping and gnashing their teeth, no warmth found at all from within.

I found myself one of those sinners – an angel who’d fallen from grace –
Focusing painfully inward, ashamedly hiding my face.
How could I ever find mercy? How could I ever be clean?
Living a life that’s so worldly, partaking of things so obscene?
Offensive, how could I be wholesome? Imperfect, how could I be Godly?
Sinful, how could I be holy? Ignorant, so full of wisdom?

Common is my situation, for judgment is passed on us all.
Atonement by propitiation was needed to conquer The Fall.
God sees the end from beginning, so chose He a Lamb to be slain;
Jehovah was born for the winning of man over hell and the grave.
No beauty that man should desire him, they crucified He that was good;
He ransomed us with His own blood – now legions all bow and admire Him.

What joy I do find in my Savior! He’s found me sufficient to own!
He’s punished for my poor behavior, but bears it so I can go home!
The serpent, still bruising my heel, will find his head crushed with a Stone
That’s cut by my Jesus in Israel, who’s trodden the Wine-Press alone!
In Him death and hell are removed; in Him graves will give up their dead.
In Him ev’ry soul will be fed – our stations be vastly improved.

Nightly the veil gets thin by my bedside as humbly I pray
And thank God for giving me Him to save me when I go astray.
Somewhere a fire’s still burning – barely a light of its own.
He smiles to see that I’m learning, rejoices to see that I’ve grown.
One day when all this is over, I’ll find myself an angel still:
Exalted a thousand worlds over, forgiven for doing His will.


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