The time is spent, and all from first to last
Has ebbed away from dawn ’til dusk of time;
My dreams are dreamt, my die have all been cast,
And now I wait to part the veil and die.

My songs are sung, the bells have stopped their peeling;
They echoed once with mimicry and ease.
But now they’re done – my music has no feeling
Except for one: I long for rest and peace.

Before you wake, I’ll let my spirit leave me
And upward fly to see this world below.
But you must stay, my Son, asleep and dreaming.
I’ll miss you more than you will ever know.

So now I go – I leave this mortal crumbling.
To have new life ’tis meet that I must go.
No longer bent – my feet no longer stumbling,
O don’t you cry: I’m finally going home!

Now I am here, with Heaven’s gates before me,
And they are bright, like sun-drenched snow at noon.
It’s lovely here – the angels ever singing,
And all the flow’rs perpetually in bloom.

Young men are grown, old men are ever youthful,
And daughters dance in flowing gowns of white;
We’re not alone, for the One who’s ever truthful
Encircles us forever in His light.

I promise you that we will have each other
And this I swear: that all I’ve said is true.
So don’t you mourn, don’t weep for your dear mother,
For I have gone to build a home for you.


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