There is No Death

For my grandpa.

There are no dead, there is no death;
There is only life and living.
God gave me life with His own breath
And since has not stopped giving.

I lived my life on this small sphere
By grace and sweet reliance
On Christ who lifts the burdened here
And pulls down every tyrant.

He pulled me down, he helped me up,
He equalized my passions.
He smoothed my sides when I got rough –
Refined my every action.

I saw my share of death and hell
Through each season and its passing,
And now there’s one thing I know well:
God’s love is everlasting.

My breath has since returned to Him;
I gave it back, consenting.
I lived before, I’ll live again:
His love is unrelenting.

My body’s low now in the earth,
My spirit’s upward flying.
All is now as it was at first:
There is no death in dying.


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