Michael Biancardi

By Zachary Collier

Michael Biancardi grew up on a small family farm in West Linn, Oregon. His life was full of jazz bands, symphonic bands, school plays, and orchestras. Music was prevalent in the Biancardi home, and he loved spontaneously harmonizing around the family piano with his four sisters.

His passion for composition began in high school, and he has since written for instrumental ensembles, symphony orchestras, and vocal choirs. He currently studies Commercial Music at Brigham Young University and pursues a life of composing inspirational music for the world.

My personal experiences with Michael have always been inspiring, uplifting ones. He is quiet and compassionate – very thoughtful and very deliberate in his actions. He is a hard worker, and he has a winning smile that makes you want to understand the person behind it. I have been privileged to work with him on a variety of projects. He has a keen ear and a bounty of insightful melodies on reserve in his brain. Featured on this page are examples of his work.

Michael composed this piece, “Dileri Has a Dream,” for a short video produced by the Escalera Foundation. The Escalera Foundation is a non-profit organization that builds schools for children in rural parts of Mexico.

Watch the video here.

“The Conqueror” is another one of Michael’s original compositions and provides an epic, aural soundscape that makes my eleven-year-old imagination run wild.

“I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” is a poem written on Christmas Day in 1863 by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, one of my favorite poets of all time. The poem was written shortly after the death of his wife and after hearing news that his son had been severely wounded in battle. John Baptiste Calkin, an organist, is the one who first set the poem to music. He did so in 1872.

The screenplay was written by Michael Biancardi and the video was directed by Brandon Porter. Biancardi is also the composer/arranger of the music, which is adapted from the melody written by John Baptiste Calkin. I hope that this piece is circulated and performed widely by string ensembles around the nation. It is sure to stir the soul and help us contemplate the reason for the season and the hope we should find in Christ.

Make sure to get your free download of this piece and check out his other work here:


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