“WordPress LDS Ward” Connects LDS Bloggers

Recently we here at Odes and Oracles were contacted by a wonderful sister by the name of May Bo Hubbard. She runs the blog Hubbard’s Cupboard. You can check it out here. Hubbard’s Cupboard focuses on a wide range of topics: cooking, parenting, photography, and, of course, the LDS Faith. Hubbard is a prolific writer and a stunning photographer.

"Rexburg Idaho Temple at Sunrise" by May Bo Hubbard

“Rexburg Idaho Temple at Sunrise” by May Bo Hubbard

Recently, David A. Bednar announced the need for members of the LDS Faith to do small and simple things to contribute positively to the discussion of Mormonism online. After having the “prompting to do the ‘WordPress LDS Ward’ blog for six months” prior, Hubbard decided to assemble and launch it.

The purpose of the “WordPress LDS Ward” is to connect active WordPress users who are LDS so that they can find informative, helpful, and uplifting blogs that do not criticize or attack their faith but rather promote it. She hopes that in providing a ward directory, so to speak, the discussion between Latter-day Saints will increase and they will not feel alone in their blogging.

We were privileged to be a part of this wonderful idea. We were featured here. 

If you are and LDS Blogger, we invite you to submit your blog to the directory!


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