The Story of Lexi Hansen

Given a 1% chance of survival, this college student was not only given the miracle of life – she was blessed with the miracle of forgiveness.

The Story of Lexi Hansen is an inspirational short produced and edited by Jason Flake. It was directed by Stephen Aldridge and Peter Inouye. Flake, Aldridge, and Inouye are students at Brigham Young University. Flake is a promotions editor for BYUtv.

Flake was initially drawn to the story because of his personal friendship with Hansen. “I was friends with Lexi before the accident. We worked at Brick Oven [a local Italian restaurant] together. When we found out about the accident, I was devastated. I joined the Facebook group ‘Pray for Lexi’ which had like 30,000 members. We had a special day where we all fasted for her. To see the progress that she made – it was incredible. When I found out that her and Karson were friends, it was crazy. It’s an amazing story. It needed to be heard.”

Flake wanted to make it his film official Mormon message, but he figured it would be easier to get her story out there by releasing it himself instead of waiting for others to do so.

Lexi Hansen is currently serving a mission in Des Moines, Iowa for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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