Local Missionary Effort Spawns Fresh Music

Check out this fantastic rendition of “Beautiful Savior.” Arranged by Jordan Gundersen and Eric Thayne, with a video by Cameron Gade, this rendition is driving and modern while still reverent and wholesome.

The video was created as part of the “Let’s Touch a Million Lives” campaign, run by the YSA Stake in which both Gundersen and Thayne reside. The “Let’s Touch a Million Lives” YouTube channel features original music and inspirational videos that showcase the testimonies of Church members on a variety of different topics. Make sure to check out their video about Living the Gospel Every Day.

Eric Thayne is best known for his successful YouTube channel and his involvement in the Provo Music Scene. His 19 Song Mashup, featuring Mimi Knowles and Amber Lynn has over 300,000 views and was featured on the Huffington Post. It is inspiring to see someone applying well developed secular talents and using their influence to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

You can check out Jordan’s secular music from his band, Jefferson & York, here:


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